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Licensed Professional Counselor

Mental Health Service Provider

Certified Intuitive Eating Specialist

I believe that the role of a counselor is to be a "fellow traveler" for someone struggling with the difficulties of life. I am passionate about meeting people in the midst of their struggles and helping them navigate the delicate balance of acceptance and change. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, addictions, relationship distress, or trauma, we can work together to help you experience a life worth living.


In working with my clients, I utilize a variety of therapeutic interventions including person-centered, mind-body, cultural-relational, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical behavioral therapies. I have experience working with adults with a history of eating disorders, substance abuse, and chronic pain and illness.


Life can be difficult. It is often even more challenging when we try to do it on our own. It is a privilege to walk alongside people during their struggles, and I would love to support you as you navigate yours.


Allie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor with a Masters Degree in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Development from Maryville College. Since graduating , Allie has been providing counseling for individuals seeking to find healing within themselves, their relationships, and their bodies. Allie has experience working with individuals who have histories of eating disorders, substance abuse, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques and interventions to help her clients better understand themselves and their abilities in order to live more meaningful lives. Allie strives to be a “fellow traveler” to her patients by walking alongside them as they navigate life’s challenges.

My Areas of Interest

Relational Issues




Spiritual or Religious Issues

Food Related Issues


Body Image 

Mood Related Issues

Obsessive Thoughts

Phase of Life Issues

Large Life Transitions

Family Related Issues

Chronic Illness

Therapies Offered

Individual Therapy / Counseling

Marriage Therapy

Career Counseling

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Interpersonal Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Existential Therapy

How much is doing it all on your own costing you?  Are you losing sleep?  Are your relationships suffering?  Are you overspending to cope with stress?  Do you burn energy on efforts that do not produce?  Are you spending money on things that aren't working?  Do you try to control your friends, family, partner, or coworkers? Are you constantly worried about the future?  A lack of direction may be COSTING YOU a great deal. 


Individual Counseling  and Therapy Available

Convenient Office Location

Licensed Professional Counselor or Nationally Certified Counselor

Flexible Hours and Online Booking

55 Minute Session

55  Min Session



Individual Counseling or Therapy Available

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Licensed Professional Counselor or Nationally Certified Counselor

Flexible Hours and Online Booking

55 Minute Session

55  Min Session


Most people see a counselor on a weekly or every other week basis.  We will gladly provide a personalized recommendation for the frequency of meeting during your first session.  

Having trouble making the jump? We understand. Learn more about making us your guide.  

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