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Fueled By Purpose But...

Just like us, you chose a helping profession to impact lives. You envisioned creating ripples that flowed through your community with a long-lasting impact – breaking down generations of negative cycles to restore relationships and social fabric.  You might also have creative ideas for programming or new  toward reaching broad and/or specific areas in your community. And yet…

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Bound By Red Tape

Many in our field lose impact or even fail because they didn’t anticipate overwhelming paperwork, staff dynamics, financial reports, insurance fillings, community relations, tax filings, human resources…or the dreaded HIPAA. This “red tape” leads to rapid burnout when clarity, training, direction, or purpose are lacking. 

Struggling with these details can subtract from the purpose that got you started.

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Untying The Knot

Let us help you untie the red tape that minimizes your passion and removes a big piece of you in client sessions. With our community connections and business management experience, we can give you the practical tools you need to shred the red tape, resolve the embarrassment, and establish best practices you can be proud of. 
Don’t risk your passion – seek the growth we all need.

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Supervision and Consultation will be provided at the frequency agreed upon with the individual or agency.




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60  Min Session


Having trouble making the jump? We understand. Learn more about making us your guide.  


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